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Who we are

Introduction To Al Hikma

Al Hikma begun with a few volunteers inspired to make a difference. They all shared the same vision; to be able to provide knowledge to the community without it affecting their pockets. Each volunteer endured the struggles of life. Putting their struggles aside and they brought a change to the dawah scene. They dedicated their time and effort into organising free events/programs. They continued to pursue this vision despite their commitments e.g. studying at universities, working full time etc. They embraced all the roles and organised events which brought in over thousands of people.
Al Hikma means Wisdom. We have the values of unity, tolerance and empowerment of the neglected aspects of our community e.g. the youth, women etc. We work within the Muslim community and the wider non-Muslim community to create a better understanding of the teachings of Islam.  We aim to be a vehicle that connects the message of Islam to the heart of the believers and those yet to believe.
Through our work we have supported Islamic studies (ISOCs), worked masjids, charities and other institutions. We have organised debates from scholars from different religious backgrounds to dinners, courses and conferences.



Purifying our intentions


Advancing together on the prevailing good


Acting with wisdom / Imparting knowledge with wisdom


Creating opportunities


Removing obstacles from the goal


Supporting organisations on their journey


Nurturing individuals to become better


The art of self sacrifice